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This website; wiregrassgenealogy.com, is a free repository of genealogical information about the pioneers who settled, lived, and worked in the Wiregrass area of North Florida and South Georgia. Wiregrass Genealogy is a site brought to you by a small group of dedicated Wiregrass descendants.  We donate our time and sometimes money to provide a platform for our user community to aid their research for their Wiregrass ancestors.  This cost-free site does not require you to sign up for an account, but doing so will open up a wealth of features not available otherwise — such as the Wiregrass Genealogy Forum. 

This interactive resource is moderated and administered by our senior contributors. These senior members have many years of genealogy research and possess a great deal of knowledge of the Wiregrass area. We have temporarily disabled access registration. We are investigating making the content available as read-only without prior registration.

Other areas within this website contain pioneer (biographical) sketches and family trees. The data within these areas is carefully researched and contain references/works cited.  We will accept user sketches and will publish your sketches if they meet our standards. 

In addition, we provide links to other, free, resources, to expand your research.  We do not (knowingly) provide links to "pay for use" websites.  We firmly believe genealogical records should be free to all.  The five owners of  consider this site as a "free digital library".

So, please explore our site and what we are offering to the user community.  

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